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Rose Care

Preserved Roses Are Real Roses 
Often referred to as infinity roses or everlasting roses because of their long shelf life, preserved roses are real roses that have been preserved so that they look and feel like freshly-plucked roses and yet can last a lot longer. 

Sunday & I's roses cannot be compared with dried, freeze-dried or silk roses. In order to preserve this product, an advanced technical process is used whereby the natural sap in real roses is replaced with a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and colouring. In fact, the growing process is stabilised. Consequently, the rose maintains its natural beauty, silky-soft sheen and beautiful strong colour. This results in a superb product which feels just like a freshly-plucked rose, looks completely natural but also lasts for much longer than a year!

Rose Care
In addition, in contrast to real roses, preserved roses don’t require any water or other care. With proper care, your roses should last 1-2 years of not longer. Simply keep them in a cool, dry place ideally away from extremes of temperature and direct sunlight which may cause their colour to fade over a length of time. 

Avoid handling, excessively touching or playing with your roses buds as they are just as delicate as freshly cut roses and as such, the petals are delicate too. All of our arrangements are carefully secured inside their boxes so do not attempt to remove any rose buds from their arrangement or you risk damaging the display. As each boxes is carefully hand-painted, handle with a gentle touch and clean hands only to avoid damaging the paintwork.

SAFETY NOTICE: Keep away from children and pets. Beware some arrangements are secured with pins on the inside of the box to keep them in place.